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Hi there! Welcome to my new blog! It’s not nearly as well decorated as my last one, yet! For all my previous posts, you will need to check out my link and there you find pictures and posts from the last eight years.

So, why would I change the name of my blog and start a new one, you might be wondering. Well, in the interest of taking the high road, let’s just say the my RenaissanceSandi email address with Google had some problems and, through no fault of mine, they locked me out permanently. Once that happens, there is no recourse. Believe me. I tried. I cried. I called our local computer tech support expert. Gmail is a free service. Google does not feel obligated to provide any tech support for their free service. You just have to start a new account. The unhappy side effect of being locked out of your email is that you are also locked out of your blog and your Youtube account, and anything else that you happen to use your gmail account to access.

My advice to you if you use Gmail is to go into your archive and find your “Welcome to Gmail” letter that you got when you established your account, and write down the month and year that you established the account. Evidently, having a back-up email, knowing a back-up question answer, and sending the back-up verification codes from you email and from your text on your cell phone does not prove to Google that you are the owner of your Gmail account.

Sandi Griepenstroh

Sandi Griepenstroh


I started quilting in the early 90's as a young mom while I was still teaching high school social sciences and English. Now it is my full time job, and I love sharing the joy that quilting has brought into my life through lecturing, trunk shows, teaching everything from piecing to machine quilting, and longarm quilting the pieced quilt tops that others have made. I am a maker through and through, and I can't wait to meet my fellow makers and talk quilting!

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