How We Make Money

The Life of a Perfectly Imperfect Quilter

My readers are very important to me. You are why I spend countless hours putting forth the best in education, tutorials, patterns, and reviews. Being transparent, in every aspect of my quilting journey is in line with my values, and is the reason I share through my blog, lectures, and teaching.   If I am not adding value to your life, then I am not fulfilling my purpose.

How Does LTD Quilting Make Money?

It’s much simpler than you might think. In addition to my longarming business, teaching, lectures, and pattern writing, I partner with advertisers, companies, product makers, and service providers that share my vision of helping you become the best quilter you can be. These partners may include Amazon, fabric companies, quilt shops, and other companies that provide quality fabrics, tools, patterns, books, etc.

When you read one of my posts, and click on one of my partners’ links, then decide to make a purchase, open an account, or one of many other triggering actions — I may earn a commission from that advertiser, at no extra cost to you. In some instances, you may even get an exclusive promotion that saves you money because my partners love to do business with LTD Quilting readers.

At the end of the day, my main goal is to inform and protect, not lure you into purchasing products or services that won’t help or that you don’t need.

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Can I Trust LTD Quilting Reviews?

Glad you asked. With the internet being what it is, even I browse with an element of skepticism. I understand if you wonder if my reviews and content are biased or intended to influence you to make a purchase so I can earn a commission. Those purchases are just one way I receive income, but my integrity is more valuable to me than money.   I will never promote a product that I do not believe in, just to earn a few dollars.  If I do, you won’t come back or recommend my content to your friends and family. I would not only be hurting you, but also myself. 

Plain and simple, I do not allow third-party compensation to affect my due diligence and editorial integrity. If I review a product and genuinely do not find the product to be in the best interest of my readers, you can be sure my review will reflect those findings – even if I am being compensated for that review. Advocating for something that would steer you away from quality products and information that will help you become the best quilter you can be, would not be in your best interest.  It’s simply not who I am and not how I do business.

How Can I Trust You’re Being Honest?

I believe my work speaks for itself. I have been quilting for over 30 years.  My mom has owned a quilt shop for 20 years, and I have been heavily involved in everything from ordering and evaluating new products to teaching about those products to selling them.  My knowledge of the quilting world is deep, and you can trust that I know the information and products I endorse are going to make your quilting life better.

Who Is Behind LTD Quilting?

My name is Sandi and I’m a former high school teacher with 16 years of teaching teenagers behind me.  I transferred my knowledge and love for teaching to the quilting world in 2007 and have never looked back!  Those who know me and have taken my classes will attest to my passion for quilting.

My Highest Value

From the time I started LTD Quilting in 2009, serving my customers and my students have been, and will remain, my highest value. This website and blog are simply an extension of my passion and goal of furthering the art of quilting and encouraging people who are pursuing their best quilting life.